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DIPA Business Solutions Ltd is a management consulting firm established in 2007, based in Cyprus, operating mainly in Cyprus, Greece, UK, and EU countries.

DIPA is a member of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Cyprus Information Technology Enterprises Association (CITEA), certified with EN ISO 9001:2008 for the provided services and qualified consultant firm to provide advisory services to beneficiary SMEs through projects supported by the EBRD in Cyprus.

DIPA focuses on Corporate Strategy, Operations, Company Development, Re-engineering and Growth, Data Analytics, Management Information Systems, Data Mining, Research, and Quality management.

DIPA participates in projects and working groups (as contractor, expert, evaluator, or auditor) related to Strategy Planning and Reorganization of Government Organizations and Enterprises, SMEs, Crisis Management, Regional Development Programmes and Frameworks, Public-Private Partnership and Funding, Business Process Outsourcing, Urban Planning and Integration, Water and Waste Management, Energy, Family Business, International Business, GDPR compliance projects, participating in projects and working groups as contractor, expert, evaluator or auditor of relevant subjects.

DIPA is main member of the international network “The Business Solutions Network” [TBSN, www.tbsnetwork.eu], with partner companies in Gr. Britain and Greece, offering  consulting services and IT products in the areas of Strategy & Operations, Business Intelligence, Data Management & Analytics, Supply Chain/ Logistics with more than 50 qualified employees.


DIPA operates in 4 sectors, providing the following services/ products:

Management Consulting

  • Strategy, Customers and Outward Looking Organizations and Enterprises
  • Change and Crisis Management
  • Financial Management, Costing and Pricing
  • Family Business Services
  • Social Economy Business Services
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Information Security Management (ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards)

Deal Advisory

  • Buying, Selling, Partnering a business
  • Funding a business or a project
  • Public – Private Partnership and Funding
  • Products and Services as a Service
  • Analysis of Operational Organizations Needs
  • Reorganization Structures, Optimization Operation and description on Procedures
  • Development of new Business Models, management Systems Design and  Efficiency Measurement systems function/ performance units
  • Logistics, Distribution, Warehouse and Fleet Management
  • GDPR Compliance study and processes
  • Standardization and Workflow management Model Compliance with procedures
  • Information technology Utilization under redesign processes and functional design of Information Systems
  • Strategy & Business Planning Software (Public Sector)
  • Costing & Billing Services of Utilities (Water Supply & Drainage, Waste Management)
  • Local Authorities Apps (Mapping Street Lighting, City Planning Applications, Smart Citizen Application)
  • Development of National & Regional Energy Policies, Strategies & Action Plans
  • Water Utilities Market, Costing, Pricing Policies, Technical Audit, Development Plans
  • Waste Management Costing, Pricing Policies, Fleet and Collection management
  • Energy Feasibility Studies
  • Electrical Energy Market (consulting services on supplying electrical energy)
  • Exploiting opportunities for Renewable Energy Sources


  • ICT and Technology
  • Government and Public Sector
  • Regional and Local Authorities
  • Water Utilities and Waste Management
  • Food and Beverages
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Retail and Consumer
  • Education
  • Energy, Energy Saving, Trade and Costing
  • Post Offices, Logistics, Transport and Warehouse Management

Recent Projects

  • Sub-consultant in the project “Technical Assistance for Component 4 of EU-Niger Delta Support Programme (NDSP)” done in the nine States in Niger Delta of Nigeria
  • Strategy and Management Consulting services, as also market research concerning the country of Bulgaria, Bulgaria ICT Development Study, MODUS S.A.
  • Strategy and action plan for the integrated management of coastal areas 2018-2028, brief guide for NGOs business plans, funding opportunities in Cyprus, Goulandris Museum of Natural History
  • Support in Witte Automotive GMBH subsidiary in Bulgaria for integration in financial tool JESSICA of the project “CONSTRUCTION OF A NEW PLANT IN CAR PARTS ROUSSE INDUSTRIAL PARK”, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
  • Technical Support of Athens Water Supply & Sewerage Company S.A. in the Strategic Planning for the Water & Sewerage Supply & Management in Greek Islands
  • Erasmus + project “Cultural risk in the organization in the globalisation era – competences vs. reality )CULT_Risk) Agreement No. 2018-1-PL01-KA204-051056
  • Implementation of more than 30 GDPR compliance projects for clients coming from Tourist Sector (10), Industry (4), Health Sector (2), Services (11), Retail (6) and Education (2)
  • Erasmus plus project “Cultural Risk in the Organisation in the Globalisation Era Competences vs. Reality, ref number 2018-1-PL01-KA204-051056” (more info here)

Research // Studies


The clientele of the Firm consists of United Kingdom, Greek, France and Cypriot government organizations and enterprises, such as Church of Cyprus, Municipalities and major companies, such as EGIS International, IMC, Hellenic Post, Goulandris Museum of Natural History, INTRACOM, MODUS S.A., ATERMON Ltd etc.

Particularly, the clientele of the Company includes:

  • The majority of Ministries of Greece and significant Organizations in Greece
  • Organizations and Public Enterprises in Greece, such as ELTA, EYDAP, EAYTH, HRADF, Expertise FRANCE, Enterprise Greece
  • Waste Management Bodies, such as FODSA of Central Macedonia
  • Municipalities, including Athens, Patra, Ioannina, Halkida
  • The majority of Greek Regions

Major Greek Enterprises in the field of:

  • Banking such as Piraeus Bank, Attica Bank,
  • Technology such as INTRACOM, INTRALOT, QUEST, ERICSSON, OnLine Data, HOL, ForthNet SA, SingularLogic, SenceOne.
  • Construction and Materials such as SHELMAN S.A., TERNA, INTRAKAT,
  • Food and Beverages, such as ZOURAS FARM S.A., FORKYS Aquaculture S.A., ANGELAKIS S.A., SOYA MILLS S.A.


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